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Bargaining Unit Members,

First, thank you for all who showed up to the Car Rally yesterday evening.  There were hundreds of you there.  It was great for VUTA members to see that other teachers and parents have the same concerns.  We need a better schedule for both students and teachers. We will keep pressing these issues forward.  VUTA teachers are awesome!!!   


A few notes


We are working on a fix so those of you who choose to work from home and would like to take your ELMOS to your “home” classroom.  With this idea, if we would be allowed to use your ELMO at home, it would be important to note that these instruments will need special care.  Transporting and keeping an instrument like this at home should be something we should be able to do, but we need to keep them protected.  The District has not agreed to this yet. We shall see what happens.  All teachers should be afforded the same teaching tools.  Students deserve equal instruction.  I am working on it…


Computer TECHS –

Please remember that TECHS are not responsible for every electronic thing that happens.  I know we are all stressed.  It is important that we not take out our stress out on the overwhelmed techs.  They are just like you, trying to do the best they can.  Please be patient.  Please be kind.  Treat them as you would want to be treated as we all struggle to learn and get things fixed.



Tomorrow will come and go.  Take a deep breath.  Realize that the first day (tomorrow!) of school in Distance Learning would be difficult whether it was Monday or a week from Monday.  Lots of bumps, lots of learning, lots of patience required.  I suggest you keep a notepad of things that need to be fixed.  Prioritize what needs to be at the top of that list when the day ends.  Work on those things on your list.  Everything is new to everybody.  

Friday will come and go.  Each day will get progressively better.  If anybody is upset with you, remember to stay calm.  Most of the issues won’t get immediately fixed.  That’s why a list is important.  Focus on getting through your first 2 days.  You will, it will be bumpy, but you will. 


If you are new, welcome to our crazy world.  If you are new, you get to watch us all learn to do this together.  Lots to discover, but you will get it done….


Each of you are professionals.  We are survivors.  We are teachers.  We will overcome much of this in time.


We will keep a steady walk to a better schedule for our students and better working conditions for our teachers.  I will share more as I receive details.  



Let me know how I can help you!!


Carpe Diem,



Greg Price

VUTA President

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