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VUTA Leadership

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Welcome to our new website! Visalia Unified Teachers Association is working hard to provide VUTA members, and the community alike, with a space where resources and information can be easily accessed. 

Greg Price VUTA Visalia Unified
President's Message

Remember to GET INVOLVED! We want an active and thriving membership of teachers who know each other and share what works and what does not work in the classroom. To be notified regarding our upcoming TGIF Nights and to stay informed about VUTA Events, make sure you add our VUTA Events Google Calendar to yours!

Board of Directors

Board of directors


Greg Price

VUTA Office


Vice President

Larry Johnson

Sequoia High



Liz Forsythe

Redwood High



Bev Wells

Mineral King Elementary


Division Directors

  • Division 1
    Annie R. Mitchell, Elbow Creek, Ivanhoe

    • Christopher Pope, Annie R. Mitchell Elementary, 622-3195

  • Division 2
    Golden Oak, Mineral King, Mountain View

    • Kristine Olson, Mineral King Elementary, 730-7779

  • Division 3
    Green Acres, Ridgeview, Valley Oak

    • Marie Gonzalez, Valley Oak MS, 730-7681

  • Division 4
    Crowley, Highland, Houston, Shannon Ranch

    • Stephen Archer, Crowley Elementary, 730-7758

  • Division 5
    Conyer, Pinkham, Royal Oaks, Washington

    • Sandy Johnson, Pinkham Elementary, 730-7853

  • Division 6

    • Michelle Avila, Redwood HS, 730-7701

  • Division 7
    Mt. Whitney

    • Terry Turney, Mt. Whitney HS, 730-7602

  • Division 8
    Golden West

    • Steve Delgado, Golden West HS, 730-7814

  • Division 9
    Goshen, Hurley, Willow Glen

    • Chris Saenz, Goshen Elementary, 738-7798

  • Division 10
    Divisadero, La Joya

    • Rachel Wilson, Divisadero MS, 730-7661

  • Division 11
    Cottonwood Creek, Crestwood, Linwood, Veva Blunt

    • Raul Gonzalez, Crestwood Elementary, 730-7754

  • Division 12
    El Diamante

    • Lonnie Miller, El Diamante HS, 735-3501

  • Division 13  
    Adult School, Elem. PE, Music, Sequoia, VCIS, VTEC, VLC

    • Jose Vega, VCIS Charter School, 735-8055

  • Division 14
    Four Creeks, GLC, Manuel Hernandez, Oak Grove, Riverway

    • Martha Franklin, Oak Grove Elementary, 730-7768

Board of Directors
Get Involved


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